Tell us your #DirtyTechSecrets. (And don’t pretend not to have any.)


I’m borderline addicted to technology. So if I were stranded on an island with Gilligan and the Skipper, I know my phone–and a backup charger!–would be among the top items on my wish list. Chances are, you’re nodding in agreement.

But we are not alone. Some big names in business are coming clean about their tech addictions through LinkedIn’s “The Things I Carry” project.

And on Tuesday, The Cycle hosts joined in, disclosing their tech essentials–including the soon-to-be-released Toure self-affirmation app. Check out the video and then tell us what gadgets you can’t live without; use the hashtag #DirtyTechSecrets. We know you’d probably choose your iPad so you can get your second-by-second Twitter updates on The Cycle at 3pm.


Tell us your #DirtyTechSecrets. (And don't pretend not to have any.)