Steve Kornacki’s latest article: Mitt’s tax calculation


His opponents and the press are turning up the heat and even one of his big-name supporters has publicly called on him to give in, but Mitt Romney is adamantly refusing to release new information about his taxes.

If this storyline sounds familiar, it should: Romney was in a very similar spot six months ago, and it didn’t take him long to fold.

It was back in January that Romney tried to duck calls to release tax records, believing he could run out the clock at least until he’d secured the Republican nomination. But his personal finances were becoming an issue, with Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry depicting him as a “vulture capitalist” and stoking resentment among working class Republicans, and his opponents suggested that Romney might be concealing embarrassing and politically damaging information.

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Mitt Romney

Steve Kornacki's latest article: Mitt's tax calculation