Steve Kornacki’s latest article: Mitt can’t ignore the 47 percent


Mitt Romney is hardly getting blown out in the presidential late, but Republicans seem to be weighing the possibility that he’s becoming a drag on their chances in some key down-ballot races.

Romney has consistently trailed President Obama by several points in national polling, and the fallout from his secretly recorded “47 percent” comments that surfaced this week could worsen that deficit. In swing states and Democratic-friendly states, the comment has put Republican Senate candidates in a particularly tough spot. After all, it was Obama voters that Romney was disparaging, and in many of these states Obama voters make up significantly more than 47 percent of the electorate.

So far, four Republican Senate candidates have publicly distanced themselves from Romney’s remarks. The newest is Linda Lingle, the popular former governor of Hawaii who is waging an uphill fight in the blue state where Barack Obama was raised.

“I am not a rubber stamp for the national party and I am not responsible for the statements of Mitt Romney” Lingle said in a statement released Wednesday.

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Steve Kornacki's latest article: Mitt can't ignore the 47 percent