Former U.S. President Bill Clinton is seen on July 23, 2014 in Melbourne, Australia.
Graham Denholm/Getty

A special birthday message to Bill Clinton

Have you wished Bill Clinton a happy birthday yet?

On Friday, the former president received a special birthday message from a distinctive duo: Hillary Clinton and Kevin Spacey.

Spacey, who plays a scheming politician on Netflix’s popular House of Cards, looks directly at the camera and says “Washington DC is so boring during the summer that I like to entertain myself by having some fun with my predecessor.”

He then proceeds to call the former Secretary of State. “Hi, Hill it’s Bill. I just want to make sure you don’t forget my birthday is coming up,” Spacey says as he impersonates President Bill Clinton from the “Oval Office.”

When asked what she was getting Bill for his birthday, her response was similar to that when she was asked about running for president. “I told you. This is a very personal decision that I will make when I’m ready,” Hillary says.

The Clinton Foundation released this video on Friday, prior to Bill’s 68th birthday on August 19, to encourage people to sign President Clinton’s birthday card and wish him a happy birthday.