Sorkin dishes on ‘The Newsroom’ and who is Will McAvoy


To avid news watchers and politicos alike, Jeff Daniels’ character on HBO’s The Newsroom always seems to remind us of someone.

For Toure, McAvoy channels former msnbc host Dylan Ratigan because of their shared “desire to tell it as it is even if it’s gonna piss you off.” At other times, The Newsroom front man hearkens back to msnbc’s Joe Scarborough, “a Republican, who’s moderate, who’s very critical of his own party.”

So who is the composite that makes up Will McAvoy?

“He’s an entirely fictional character,” creator Aaron Sorkin told The Cycle hosts Monday. ”He’s a product of my imagination and now Jeff [Daniels]’s imagination.”

Sorkin, who is also responsible for television hits like The West Wing, assured that the show’s second season would bring more friction between ideas, specifically those between right and far right ideologies, and of course, more of Will McAvoy playing in the middle.

Watch the video for Sorkin’s explanation of the evolution of Will’s character, as well as some plot teasers for Season 2 of The Newsroom, which premiered Sunday on HBO.


Sorkin dishes on 'The Newsroom' and who is Will McAvoy