A pamphlet for the Affordable Care Act, better known as ObamaCare, sits on a table at a branch of the Metopolitan Family Health network, on October 3, 2013 in Jersey City, New Jersey.
Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Reviews of Obamacare have been underwhelming

The release of Obamacare drew a huge audience but reviews of the process have not been great, a new AP-GfK poll.

Only seven percent of Americans have reported success in using the Obamacare exchanges to buy health insurance while 40% say it did not go well at all.

Overall, opinions are mixed on the health care reforms that Congress passed in March 2010 with 28% supporting the law, 38% opposing it and 32% having no opinion on the subject.

However, when it comes to Americans’ approval of President Obama’s handing of healthcare, he scores his highest approval rating at 34%. In comparison, 25% approve of how the president is handing the economy and immigration and only 21% approve of how he is managing the federal government. Overall President Obama’s approval rating has taken a hit with 53% disapproving and 37% approving of the job he is doing.



Reviews of Obamacare have been underwhelming