Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton arrives to speak in Gaston Hall at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., Dec. 3, 2014.
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Poll: Hillary Clinton most admired woman of 2014

The award for the most admired woman of 2014 goes too…..Hillary Clinton!

For the 13th consecutive year, Hillary Clinton tops Gallup’s annual list of most admired women. The former secretary of state and potential 2016 democratic nominee earned 12% of mentions, with Oprah Winfery and Nobel Prize-winning Pakistani teen Malala Yousafzai coming in second and third with 8% and 5% respectively.

As for the most admired man, President Obama leads the list with 19%, and like Clinton, was the only name to reach double-digit mentions.

“Democrats and Democratic leaners widely choose Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as the most admired woman and man, respectively. Not unexpectedly Republicans and Republican leaders are much less likely to name either as their most admired,” Jeffrey M. Jones writes.

Coming in a distant second was Pope Francis and former President Bill Clinton with 7% and 3% respectively.

“Although both Hillary Clinton and Obama saw their popularity fade this year, they remain prominent and popular enough to be the most top-of-mind people living today when Americans are asked to name the woman and man they admire most,” Jones explains.  

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

Poll: Hillary Clinton most admired woman of 2014