Poll: Americans oppose U.S. missile strikes against Syria

A Free Syrian Army fighter takes cover inside a damaged room in Deir al-Zor September 3, 2013.
A Free Syrian Army fighter takes cover inside a damaged room in Deir al-Zor September 3, 2013.
Khalil Ashawi/Reuters

Six in ten Americans oppose unilateral U.S. missile strikes against Syria, a new ABC News/Washington Post poll finds.

As the Senate and House committees continue to hold hearings on Syria, and draft legislation for military action, American support is not with them. According to the poll, 59% oppose U.S. missile strikes, and 36% support them.

Democrats and Republicans alike are in agreement when it comes to how we should handle Syria with 42%-54% of Democrats and 43%-55% of Republicans in support of launching missile strikes against Assad’s regime. Independents are among the most clearly opposed with 66% saying they are against military action.

This poll falls in line with the NBC poll released last week that shows 50% of Americans oppose U.S. military action. However, the public support for military action when limited to launching cruise missiles from U.S. naval ships changes to 50% in favor and 44% opposed.

Americans are skeptical of the U.S. military action in Syria. The ABC/ Washington post poll shows that 70% oppose the United States and its allies supplying weapons to the Syrian rebels while 27% are in support of such an action. However, if other countries such as Great Britain and France participate in the air strikes, Americans’ attitudes change to a closer division with 46% in favor and 51% opposed.

President Obama remains confident Congress will approve the use of force. Wednesday in Sweden, Obama insisted the international community cannot stay quiet on this. “When I see 400 children subjected to gas, or 1,400 innocent civilians dying senselessly…the moral thing to do is not stand by and do nothing,” he said.