Obama’s mission to get Americans back to work continues


Despite President Obama’s approval rating sinking to 45%, his lowest since the fall of 2011, the president is making the rounds this week.  On Tuesday, the president is back on the road for the next leg of his economic recovery tour, this time focusing on the middle class.

Yet, with the unemployment rate at 7.6% will President Obama have anything new to say? “I think this is less about saying anything different and more about saying it over and over again. Politics is often about repetition,” The Grio.com Political Editor Perry Bacon said on The Cycle. “He is going to talk about a lot of things he laid out in the State of the Union address, universal pre-K, more manufacturing jobs. These are all ideas we have heard before. What this is really about is people in Washington are getting distracted, and he really wants to bring this message to Republicans in Congress and make them confront that.”


Obama's mission to get Americans back to work continues