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New survey looks at men and women’s success in the office


Why aren’t there more women leaders? Do women hold themselves back? How do women and men perceive women in power?

According to a new survey in Elle Magazine, more than half of men and women said they speak up frequently or all the time in meetings. The survey, which was conducted in May shortly after Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In, made the case that women were their own worst enemies and did support other women. But this survey shows the opposite.

“Only 7% of women said they did not take a promotion or additional work because they were preparing to have families.” Robbie Myers Editor-in-Chief of Elle Magazine said on Monday’s The Cycle. “Either Sheryl Sandburg has gotten through at warped speed or women have already been doing this and are very involved with their careers and very much wanted to take on more responsibility and leadership positions.”

Another topic of discussion within the survey is the subject of paid maternity leave. The U.S. is one of only eight developed countries worldwide that does not have mandatory paid maternity leave, a fact that Republicans and Democrats wish to change.

“Above 80% said that the felt paid maternity leave should be federally mandated,” Myers said. “That means everybody supports women working and working full time and having the full support of our government and the institutions that support women working.”


New survey looks at men and women's success in the office