LEGO master builder Chris Steininger places a brick while building the world's largest LEGO American flag to celebrate the opening of the Innovation Wing at the National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C. on Jul. 1, 2015.
Photo by Steve Ruark/AP

LEGO sets one for the record books

It’s time to get those pinwheels moving and start thinking  about how you can contribute to the future.

On Wednesday the Smithsonian National Museum of American History opened its newly renovated wing dedicated to American innovation adding new galleries, performance spaces, an education center and the world largest American flag made out of LEGO’s.

“The LEGO Group partnered with the Smithsonian’s Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation, located at the National Museum of American History, several years ago to inspire children to explore their inner inventors,” Amanda Santoro, Brand Relations at the LEGO Group told “We have collaborated with the museum on activities in the past and are honored to continue the partnership and help celebrate such a momentous day with a hands-on building activity. “

The museum asked its more than 15,000 visitors to help create the 9 ½ foot by 14 foot by  clicking one of the 10,000 LEGO pieces into place as they walked by. “The inventors and inventions on display in the museum’s new Innovation Wing, and children’s LEGO creations made on a playroom floor, are rooted in the same thing - creativity and imagination,” Santoro said.  “The Flag will remain on display for the next few months, and we hope it continued to inspire guests who visit the museum.”

The museum’s new wing’s theme is innovation and highlights the history of American business and innovation through time, a theme LEGO believes in as Santoro points out. “The same innovative spirit at the core of the maker or inventor movement – all of which is honored and celebrated here at the museum- is also at the core of every LEGO building experience.”

LEGO is continuing to look to inspire all of the nation’s inventors, innovators and tinkerers with LEGO bricks to play out their creativity and encourage every young boy and girl they can accomplished anything they set their mind to. “The LEGO System of Play is often  used as a prototyping tool among builders around the world,” Santoro says. “Many of these inventors manufactured products based on these prototypes that were often patented and sold to the public, so we look forward to seeing what the next generation of makers builds to life.”

So, what’s next for LEGO and their innovators? Only time will tell but LEGO has made one thing clear: the sky is limit for what anyone can accomplish.





LEGO sets one for the record books