Justice For All…


by Nicholas Tuths

Today’s segment on our justice system with Philip Howard took on the notion of American’s “right” to lawsuits. He goes head-on with the idea that Judges aren’t supposed to be “activists” – saying it’s their duty to be activists for maintaining the boundary between the lawful and unlawful.

Of course, everybody is in favor of doing away with frivolous lawsuits. For example: You shouldn’t be allowed to sue a Little League ball player for an errant throw, because that’s what little leaguers are supposed to do! I can’t help but agree with Howard, it seems like those who are supposed to protect the legitimacy of the justice system have become paralyzed by this idea that they’re supposed to be completely neutral. How much time, effort, money, and anguish could be saved by having judges that speak up when something is clearly out of bounds?  Nobody is asking them to legislate or be the jury – just do what’s right.

That’s my take – check out what the team had to say.


Justice For All...