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Jenny Sanford may be the key to her ex-husband’s electoral chances


From the Appalachian trail to the campaign trail, former Governor Mark Sanford is back on the grid. After defeating Curtis Bostic in the GOP primary runoff on Tuesday, 57% to 43%, Sanford should be the favorite to win the vacated congressional seat in South Carolina first district. The district has become heavily Republican.

But what really are Sanford’s chances to beating his Democratic opponent, Elizabeth Colbert-Bush? “South Carolina, especially the evangelical community, is filled with Christians who believe in the act of redemption,” South Carolina native and msnbc contributor Jimmy Williams said. “They believe that if the sinner admits his or her sins and is forthright about them, in fact you should be forgiven. That is very much a tenor that runs through most of the churches in the state.”

While he may be forgiven by the Christians in the community, what about women voters who may identify with the wife he cheated on? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the first district is made up of 51.4% of women. These women “run the state for all intents and purposes,” Williams said, and they may not think highly of Mark Sanford. One woman in particular who could make or break Sanford’s campaign is Jenny Sanford, his former wife. “In a way, her silence would speak volumes even if she doesn’t endorse either side in the race,” Krystal said on Wednesday’s show.

Jenny Sanford may be the key to her ex-husband's electoral chances