The Smithsonian's National Zoo's six-week-old panda cub is examined October 8, 2013 in Washington, DC.

Pandas, Immigration & a five year old’s take


The Cycle, 10/23/13, 5:29 PM ET

A kindergartner talks immigration

Political Playground star Ella discusses why it’s important that we change our immigration policy

Big news on the panda front.  The National Zoo’s cub received her first vaccination Tuesday.  She’s also started crawling which you can watch live on the Smithsonian’s panda cam.

Political Playground star Ella is very excited that the panda cam is back after it went dark during the government shutdown.  She now wants to become, “the world’s most renowned expert on Pandas.”  Like thousands, Ella uses the panda cam to watch her favorite species in their natural habitat.

But pandas are not Ella’s only passion.  She’s also worried about delayed reforms to our nation’s immigration system. Ella wants President Obama to engage leaders from both parties to find a solution. “We have to stop this, this is one of our things that we have to be serious about,” Ella says. “President Obama, this is wrong.”

A previous Gang of Eight bill in the Senate started to gain traction this summer only to be hijacked by House GOP efforts to defund Obamacare.  We know how that ultimately ended – the same 16-day government shutdown that disrupted the panda cam.  Now that the House is back at work, Speaker Boehner says his caucus is working on its own immigration legislation hoping to reignite the debate and raise their sagging poll numbers. This may not be such a bad idea. According to Politico new polling in three GOP districts shows more than 70% of likely voters would support a bill that mirrored the plan by the Senate Gang of Eight.

Pandas, Immigration & a five year old's take