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How the attack will–and won’t–change Boston


The protocols for the Boston marathon were apparently followed, from bomb-sniffing dogs to undercover cops in the crowd. And yet horror still struck. As Shelly Cohen of the Boston Herald, wrote: “We have grown contemptuous of the host of silly rules and regulations designed to give the appearance of keeping us safe, when we know in our hearts that there is no such thing as safe anymore.”

The aftermath now sadly familiar to many big city residents: extra police, random bag searches, heightened vigilance. “I think we will be in the usual vicious cycle,” Cohen said. The bombings ruined what is normally a “family event and that’s what so very tragic about this. Everyone knows that. Those who were here to disrupt it took advantage of that family feel,” Cohen said. “That was taken away from us yesterday. It won’t be taken away from us forever though.” She continued: “We are Americans, we are Bostonians. We’re not going to put up for that for very long.”

As Mayor Thomas Menino said during a press conference on Tuesday, “Boston will overcome.”

How the attack will--and won't--change Boston