Here are some of the Cyclists favorite charities


Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful. Thankful for loved ones,  thankful for what each of us have in our lives, and it is also a time of giving back. We all should take time to be thankful for what we have, and reflect on those that are not as fortunate. We should make an effort to give back to those in need, whether it be through food, money, or other donations like clothing.

All of us at The Cycle have been impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Luckily, we are more fortunate than the hundreds who lost their homes and loved ones.

As we all look ahead to Thanksgiving, a day of eating and spending time with loved ones, the Cyclists wanted to reflect on those less fortunate and take a moment to promote their favorite charities. On today’s show each Cyclists shared their favorite charity and why.  They are posted below so that our loyal viewers can help give back during this giving time. We urge you all to share your fortune with others who are not as fortunate. We wish all our viewers a Happy Thanksgiving.

S.E.’s Charity

The Tony Stewart Foundation

Mission: Cares for sick children, at-risk animals, drivers injured in motor racing accidents.

To donate:

Facebook: The Tony Stewart Foundation

Twitter: @14TSF

YouTube Channel: TStewartFoundation

Steve’s Charity:

VNA Health Care

Mission: Not-for-profit in-home nursing care and hospice services

To Donate Call (860) 493-7159 Or log on to:

Krystal’s  Charity:

Occupy Sandy Recovery

Mission: Deliver resources and volunteers to storm victims.

Donate: Text  ”MUTUALAID” to 69866.

Toure’s Charity:

Charity: Water

Mission: Clean drinking water to developing countries

To donate click here.

Here are some of the Cyclists favorite charities