A still from "The Lego Movie"

A golden statue (kind of) for ‘Lego Movie’

Award season is here and social media is buzzing with reactions.

After the 87th Academy Award nominations were announced on Thursday, the social media backlash for movies that got the Oscar snub was swift.

Among the absences in the nominations list that sparked the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite, The Lego Movie was also a shocking absence from the Oscar list.

Writer and producer Philip Lord responded on Thursday afternoon by creating his own golden statue.

The Lego Movie saw redemption Thursday evening after winning best animated feature at the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards. “What a roller coaster of emotions today has been,” director Chris Miller said as he accepted the award.

Following the win, Miller took to Twitter to share his excitement. 

“We also want to thank you guys-the critics’ choosers- for having the courage to give an award to something called The Lego Movie,” Lord said.

“We made this movie to bring joy to people around the world and getting this award is just gravy,” Lin said. “I’m just so proud to be standing here with Chris [Miller] and Phil [Lord], our writer directors.”



A golden statue (kind of) for 'Lego Movie'