In this Dec. 25, 1985 file photo, four veteran actresses, from left, Estelle Getty, Rue McClanahan, Bea Arthur and Betty White, from the television series "The " Golden Girls" are shown during a break in taping in Hollywood.
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‘Golden Girls’ Lego set could become a reality


Sophia, Blanch, Dorothy and Rose could be coming to a Lego set near you. 

The iconic ‘Golden Girls’ TV series, which first aired in 1985, has been accepted into the Lego Ideas Program, making it one step closer to becoming a Lego reality. “The Lego Ideas Program is a fan submission platform that we use to engage with our adult community,” Amanda Santoro Lego Brands Relations Manager told “We have found that it is a really unique program and is a great way for us to engage with our fans on a one-on-one basis.” 

Sam Haymaker invented the Golden Girls set and it includes everything you need to relieve the magic of the hit TV show. “This is a recreation of the Golden Girls House used in filming the popular 1980’s show that is still watched daily around the world,” Haymaker said.  “I have recreated many classic scenes from the show, including a visit from Burt Reynolds, Rose shooting Blanche’s Vase, Dorothy Playing ‘Grab That Dough’ and Rose rescuing her Teddy Bear from a mean little girl.”

Anyone can submit an idea to the Lego Ideas Program as long as it doesn’t violate the Lego Brand Values, so no political figures. ”Fan submission can be done through pictures, diagrams or a brick built model,” Santoro said. “If it is targeted to children and fits the Lego brand it can go live.”

The ‘Golden Girls’ set has one year to reach 10,000 votes in order to be sent into the next quarterly review where it will be tested for playability and safety to make sure it’s consistent with the Lego brand.

“The Lego Ideas Program is a real opportunity for fans to see their Lego dreams come to life,’ Santoro said.  From Ghostbusters to Back to the Future Delorean to the Research Institute “some great products have resulted from the Lego Ideas Program that are available in limited edition so they are popular with collectors and Lego fans.”

Haymaker’s Golden Girls creation has received high praise ever since the set first appeared on Lego Ideas. “As a LEGO fan and a Golden Girls fan, this is incredible! I really hope this gets made!! I created an account just to support!” one commentator said.

Looking forward to seeing this on a toy shelf near you? Make your voice heard and vote. They’ll thank you for being a friend. 



'Golden Girls' Lego set could become a reality