Ella’s take on the honeybee


Attention everyone, the honeybees are at risk. Think that doesn’t affect you? It does: 1 in every 3 bites of food taken by the average American is made by the hard-working honeybee. “They add about $15 dollars of value to American agriculture,” Bryan Walsh Author of The Death of Bees said on Thursday’s show. That means foods like apples, apricots, cucumbers, almonds are at risk. “Without the honeybees you wouldn’t be able to sell them. You wouldn’t be able to raise them the way we do today.”

Ella, Cycle co-host Krystal Ball’s five-year-old daughter, is very worried about the honeybees. “They put pollen on our plants [and] they make honey,” Ella said in the latest Political Playground, explaining to her mom why bees are so important. She also gave President Obama some advice on what she would do if she were president to help the honeybees.

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Ella's take on the honeybee