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Don’t expect TV in the High Court any time soon


On Monday, the Supreme Court will be back on the bench for the last official scheduled decision day, but with 11 decisions left for the court to hand down, rulings could extend beyond the scheduled dates.

While many expect these extra days to be Wednesday and Thursday of next week, it could also go into July as the term doesn’t formally end until September 30. ”It was 1996 when we got three decisions on July 1 of that year, the calender is the same layout as it is this year,” NBC’s Pete Williams said on Thursday’s The Cycle. “I’m not sure that the court knows if everything will be done in time, they are still working on it. They are not holding these things back because they want to parcel them out bit by bit to build drama, they are simply not done.”

One item we should not expect to be addressed any time soon by the High Court is cameras in the court room. “By the time that happens we will be getting television on the inside of our eye lids,” Pete Williams said. “It will not happen in your lifetime or mine. The Supreme Court is hard over on this.” So to be sure you get your up-to-the -minute coverage of the High Court’s decision continue to tune into SCOTUSBlog where they live blog every decision handed down by the Supreme Court the moment it happens.


Don't expect TV in the High Court any time soon