Rock the Vote video- YouTube

Celebrities want you to ‘Rock the Vote’

Nothing brings celebrities together like the right to vote.

With the help of a slew of celebrities Rock the Vote released a new ad #turnoutthevote, on Tuesday, to help encourage the millennial generation to come out and vote in four weeks.

Celebrities including Lil Jon, Lena Dunham, Natasha Lyonne and Fred Armis were featured in the spot doing a dance and voicing why they are turning out to vote.

Lil Jon is turning out to legalize marijuana, Lena Dunham for reproductive rights, Darren Crisis is turning out for education, Natasha Lyonne for prison reform and the celebrity cameo list continues.

Founded in 1990, Rock the Vote has always encouraged America’s youth to vote and as they gear up for the midterm elections they are enlisting a variety of celebrities to help push their message.


Celebrities want you to 'Rock the Vote'