Beer mugs filled with freshly draught beer on day 2 of the Oktoberfest 2011 beer festival, Sept. 18, 2011 in Munich, Germany.
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A brewmasters guide to beer


As millions of people gear up to watch the NFL Championship games this weekend, most of them will be gulping down a nice cold beer.

Beer, which is ranked the third most popular beverage in the world only behind water and tea, has hundreds of different types. From the old staples like Bud, Miller, and Coors to the small craft brewers that have popped up across the country decided what type of beer to pick can be a tough decision.

In the last 70’s there was less than 90 breweries across the nation, now there are over 2,500. So what is the difference between these beer styles?  The Brooklyn Brewery beer master Garrett Oliver joined The Cycle on Friday to give us some pointers on the different types of beers.  

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Black Lager –It’s also known as schwarzbier or “black beer” and originated in Germany.  It’s alcohol content is usually around 5% ABV and has become a specialty in Utah.

Stout – Is a warm-fermented ale style distinguished by its dark color.  Roasted grains are used to brew this style.  Best known stout is Ireland’s Guinness.

Ale – Originated as a style of beer from England and is any beer using a top-fermenting yeast.  Ale’s generally use less hops than lagers.

Saison – is French for “season” and was first brewed in Belgium for migrant workers.  The style is part of the “Farmhouse ales” group.

IPA (India Pale Ale) – Is the most popular craft beer style on the planet characterized by high levels of alcohol and hops.  It gained its name from its popularity in British India

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Cheers! Navigating the wide world of beer

“The Oxford Companion to Beer” co-author Garrett Oliver and the Cycle panel sample different varieties of craft beer from around the world.


A brewmasters guide to beer