Pharrell Williams performs on March 12, 2014 in Brisbane, Australia.
Bradley Kanaris/Getty

Beach Boys hit gets star-studded remake

More than 20 musicians have come together to help raise money for the BBC’s Children in Need charity.

Musicians from Lorde to Elton John to Pharrel Williams joined forces with the BBC to launch an amazing remake of the Beach Boys 1966 hit “God Only Knows.”

This is not first BBC initiative of this scope. Seventeen years ago, Lou Reed and others covered “Perfect Day” as a fundraiser to raise money for Children in Need. The single became the no.1 single in the UK, selling more than 1.5 million copies and raising more than 2 million pounds.

“God Only Know” was filmed in London’s Alexandra Palace and is available for download to mark the launch of BBC Music.

“All of the artists did such a beautiful job and I can’t thank them enough,” Beach Boys co-founder Brian Wilson said. “I’m just honored that ‘God Only Knows’ was chosen. ‘God Only Knows’ is a very special song. An extremely spiritual song and one of the best I’ve ever written.” 


Beach Boys hit gets star-studded remake