Akin’s new revisionist theory: ‘My 6-second mistake’


Rep. Todd Akin is done apologizing and ready to get back to attacking his opponent in Missouri’s senate race, incumbent Senator Claire McCaskill. In his latest ad, “Six Seconds - Six Years,” Akin tells viewers that his “six second” flub (where he said raped women cannot get pregnant) is nothing compared to Sen. McCaskill’s six years in office.

“My six second mistake is well-known,” he smiles. “But Claire McCaskill’s six-year record is something you should know.”

The video then goes on to outline the “mistakes” of McCaskill that he has outlined in previous ads, namely voting with President Obama, including for “Obamacare,” and the federal stimulus.

“What’s this election about?” Akin wraps up. “Saving our country.”

It is the fourth video pumped out in the last four days by the congressman who has stubbornly refused to drop out of race despite pleas from the highest level of his party following his discredited and much lambasted remarks on rape and female biology.

The prior daily Akin video, “Case against Claire,” featured Mike Huckabee, one of the few conservatives who came to Akin’s defense, and complained about McCaskill’s “100% pro-choice” record and an ‘F’ rating from the NRA. 


Todd Akin and Reproductive Rights

Akin's new revisionist theory: 'My 6-second mistake'