MSNBC reporter who broke NY pardon story talks to D.A. insider


The Manhattan District Attorney files new charges against Paul Manafort. Ari Melber breaks down “The Beat” reporting from August 2017, on an MSNBC Legal Unit investigation into how the Russia probe could continue even after pardons, through prosecution for State crimes. A source with knowledge of one State Attorney General’s preparations told Ari Melber then, that the office was already looking at its jurisdiction for Russia related crimes. Following up on that story, Ari Melber speaks with former Chief Assistant District Attorney for Manhattan under Cyrus Vance, the District Attorney who filed new charges against Manafort, telling Melber the State case against him is a “slam dunk” because “Manafort has already admitted the underlying facts”. Daniel Alonso reveals the new charges against Manafort are “very unusual” and his view is that Vance is filing charges to counter a potential abuse to the Federal pardon power.