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Trump vs. Bush battle over Iraq intensifies

Trump vs. Bush battle over Iraq War intensifies

02/15/16 11:22AM

Former President George W. Bush will be hitting the campaign trail with his brother, Jeb, for the first time this campaign season. Donald Trump is making repeated attacks on the former president’s decision to go to war in Iraq, accusing his administration of lying about weapons of mass destruction. Matt Moore, chair of the South Carolina... watch

Trump: ‘I won’t use foul language’

Trump: ‘I won’t use foul language’

02/12/16 11:34AM

Donald Trump appears to be adjusting his style to appeal to conservative Christians in the south by not using vulgar language in rally on Thursday night. Republican strategist Hogan Gidley talks to Tamron Hall about Trump’s recent vulgar comments and his attacks on Jeb Bush’s family ties. watch

Clinton, Sanders and Black Lives Matter

Clinton and Sanders met with Black Lives Matter reps

02/12/16 11:19AM

Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are reaching out to African American and Hispanic voters ahead of their next contest in Nevada and then South Carolina. The Sanders’ campaign released an emotional video narrated by Eric Garner’s daughter who endorsed Bernie Sanders. Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson who is currently running for... watch

Sanders meets with Rev. Al Sharpton

Sanders meets with Rev. Al Sharpton

02/10/16 11:01AM

Reverend Al Sharpton speaks with Tamron Hall after his meeting with Senator Bernie Sanders in Harlem, New York. Sharpton shares what he and Sanders’ discussed including the Flint water crisis and civil rights for African Americans. watch


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