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Sources: NBA star Lamar Odom on ventilator

Sources: NBA star Lamar Odom fighting for his life

10/15/15 11:53AM

Sources close to Lamar Odom say the NBA star is being treated for a drug overdose. He is also reportedly in a coma, hooked up to a ventilator, suffering from brain damage and has had at least one stroke. Pop Culture Journalist Alicia Quarles joins Tamron Hall to discuss the latest on his condition. watch

Democrats clash in first presidential debate

Democrats clash in first presidential debate

10/14/15 11:20AM

MSNBC Political Analyst Michael Steele, Nevada Political Reporter Jon Ralston and Democratic Strategist Robert Zimmerman, who is a Hillary Clinton supporter, join Tamron Hall for a look at the biggest moments from the first Democratic presidential debate. watch

Big night for Hillary Clinton

Big night for Hillary Clinton

10/14/15 11:03AM

The first Democratic presidential debate turned into a big night for Hillary Clinton. Tamron Hall talks to former Los Angeles Mayor and Hillary Clinton supporter, Antonio Villaraigosa on MSNBC. watch

Did the Internet kill Playboy?

Did the Internet kill Playboy?

10/13/15 11:52AM

Playboy Magazine is credited for changing the nation’s attitude about sex, but after 62 years the magazine will no longer feature nude pictures of women. The CEO partly blames the Internet for the decrease in readers. Lola Ogunnaike, Anchor at Arise News, talks to Tamron Hall about the end of the magazine as we know it. watch

New Planned Parenthood policy

Planned Parenthood not taking money for fetal tissue donations

10/13/15 11:29AM

According to the Associated Press, Planned Parenthood will no longer take any money for fetal tissue donations. The new policy will continue to make the tissue available, but it will not accept any payment to cover the cost of the program. MSNBC National Reporter Irin Carmon joins Tamron Hall on MSNBC. watch

Democratic debate day prep

Democratic debate day prep

10/13/15 10:59AM

Ahead of the first Democratic presidential debate, Congresswoman Dina Titus, MSNBC Senior Editor Beth Fouhy, Democratic Strategist Robert Zimmerman, National Journal Contributor T.A. Frank and MSNBC Host and Political Correspondent Steve Kornacki join Tamron Hall for a look at what to expect during the debate. watch

Battle in the GOP over House Speaker

Battle in the GOP over House Speaker

10/12/15 11:23AM

Some Republicans are saying time is running out for Congressman Paul Ryan to decide if he wants the job as House Speaker. Democratic Congressman Gregory Meeks weighs in on the House leadership battle. watch

Democratic candidates gear up for first...

New poll: Clinton leads Sanders by 19 points

10/12/15 11:04AM

A new poll shows presidential candidate Hillary Clinton leading her opponent, Bernie Sanders by 19 points ahead of the first Democratic debate. Former Vermont Governor and Democratic National Committee Chairman, Howard Dean and Nevada Political Reporter and host of “Ralston Live,” Jon Ralston joins Tamron Hall on MSNBC. watch


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