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Bill Clinton stumps for Hillary in Iowa

Bill Clinton stumps for Hillary Clinton in Iowa

01/07/16 11:12AM

Former President Bill Clinton campaigns on behalf of Hillary Clinton in Iowa, just days after a similar campaign stop in New Hampshire. NBC’s Kristen Welker reports from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Plus, former Pennsylvania Governor and MSNBC Analyst Ed Rendell watch

Trump resurrects ‘birther’ attack on Cruz

Trump resurrects ‘birther’ attack on Cruz

01/07/16 11:04AM

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump is stepping up his attacks on rival Ted Cruz by continuing to question his citizenship. Now other prominent Republicans, including Senator John McCain are piling on, but Cruz is pushing back. NBC’s Katy Tur reports the latest and MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki talks about what’s next for Cruz’s “birther” story. watch

US intel surprised hydrogen bomb test claims

US intelligence surprised by North Korea’s hydrogen bomb test...

01/06/16 11:37AM

South Korea is casting doubt on North Korea’s claim that it detonated its first hydrogen bomb. In the meantime, the United Nations Security Council is considering increased sanctions against North Korea. Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. and former Governor of Mexico, Bill Richardson talks to Tamron Hall on MSNBC. watch

Rep. Grijalva: Oregon protesters are ...

Rep. Grijalva: Oregon protesters are ‘extremists’

01/06/16 11:23AM

Rep. Raul Grijalva is condemning what he calls an illegal armed occupation of the Federal Wildlife Refuge in Oregon by protesters. His resolution calling on the activists to leave the refuge and surrender to law enforcement, will be considered by the House. Rep. Grijalva joins Tamron Hall on MSNBC. watch

Trump questions Cruz’s eligibility

Donald Trump questions Ted Cruz’s citizenship

01/06/16 11:05AM

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is now questioning whether his opponent Ted Cruz’s citizenship might become an issue during the 2016 election. Cruz has brushed off Trump’s accusations. NBC’s Hallie Jackson and Katy Tur report from the campaign trail. watch

North Korea claims test was a ‘success’

North Korea: Hydrogen bomb test a ‘complete success’

01/06/16 11:00AM

North Korea is claiming it successfully detonated its first hydrogen bomb, which is more powerful than the nuclear devices it previously tested. If true, it would mark a dramatic escalation of North Korea’s capabilities and potentially change the game. CNBC’s Eunice Yoon and NBC’s Andrea Mitchell report the latest on MSNBC. watch

Bush: Trump will lose in Iowa and New...

Jeb Bush: Donald Trump will lose in Iowa and New Hampshire

01/05/16 11:21AM

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush is doubling down on New Hampshire, insisting Donald Trump’s campaign will implode once voting starts. However, new numbers from an NBC News/Survey Monkey online poll suggest otherwise. MSNBC Political Correspondent Steve Kornacki takes a look at the numbers on MSNBC. watch

Armed protesters ask people to join standoff

FBI working for ‘peaceful resolution’ to Oregon standoff

01/04/16 11:14AM

The leader of the armed band of protesters locked in a government standoff in Oregon is asking for more people to join the group's cause as the clash between citizen activists and the federal government reaches a fever pitch. MSNBC’s Scott Cohn reports from Princeton, Oregon and Ryan Lenz from the Southern Poverty Law Center weighs in. watch

Donald Trump releases first TV ad

Donald Trump releases first TV ad

01/04/16 11:03AM

As he continues to lead in polls, Donald Trump aims to seal the deal with his first TV ad in New Hampshire and Iowa ahead of the caucuses. MSNBC Political Correspondent Steve Kornacki takes a deeper look at the new ad. Plus, NH1 Political Director Paul Steinhauser and Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of New Hampshire... watch

Jeb Bush shakes up campaign

Jeb Bush shakes up campaign: cancels TV ads, redeploys staff

12/31/15 11:26AM

Just 32 days before the first votes are cast in Iowa, Jeb Bush is shaking up his campaign again by shifting staffers out of his Miami headquarters to key early voting states. He’s also canceling planned ad buys in Iowa and South Carolina. Daily Beast Political Reporter Betsy Woodruff joins MSNBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin to discuss. watch


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