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Trump and Carson nearly even in new poll

Ben Carson almost even with Donald Trump in new poll

09/15/15 10:59AM

Ahead of the next big Republican debate, the New York Times/CBS News poll shows presidential candidate Donald Trump at 27% among Republican voters nationwide, while Ben Carson has climbed to 23%. NBC’s Peter Alexander reports plus, Republican Strategist Matt Schlapp and Daily Beast Contributor Patricia Murphy join the NewsNation political panel. watch

Countdown to next GOP debate

Countdown to next GOP debate

09/14/15 11:39AM

With the next GOP debate on the horizon, NBC’s Mark Murray and Peter Alexander take a look at how things have changed since the last time the candidates faced off and what it means for front-runner, Donald Trump. watch

Thousands flee California wildfires

Thousands flee California wildfires

09/14/15 11:19AM

Firefighters in California are struggling to contain a series of fast moving wildfires that have already killed one person and forced thousands to flee one Napa Valley town. NBC’s Jinah Kim reports from Middletown, California. watch

Clerk Kim Davis returns to work

Kim Davis returns to work, remains defiant

09/14/15 10:59AM

Rowan county clerk Kim Davis returns to work for the first time since she was jailed for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses. Still citing her religious objections, Davis announced that she will continue to refuse to authorize marriage licenses. watch

GOP battle to defund Planned Parenthood

GOP battle to defund Planned Parenthood

09/10/15 11:20AM

Congress is racing against a September 30th deadline to fund the federal government and avoid a shutdown, but a group of House Republicans are vowing to block any deal that funds Planned Parenthood. Republican Congresswoman Dianne Black weighs in on NewsNation. watch


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