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Born in the USA: ‘Smartwheel’

A 20-year-old’s fight to save lives by ending distracted driving

01/19/16 11:47AM

The federal government is calling distracted driving an epidemic on America’s roadways. As a result, twenty year old TJ Evarts has made it his mission to end distracted driving with the “Smartwheel,” a steering wheel cover that tracks drivers’ hand movements. TJ talks to Tamron Hall about his mission on MSNBC. watch

Flint mom talks about Flint water crisis

Flint mom on water crisis: ‘It’s terrifying’

01/19/16 11:33AM

Amid calls for the federal government to do more, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder says Flint’s contaminated water crisis is his own “Katrina.” Ariana Hawk, a pregnant mother of three talks to Tamron Hall about what it is like to live through the crisis. watch

Upping the ground game in Iowa

Upping the ground game in Iowa

01/19/16 11:08AM

Holding four events in Iowa, Bernie Sanders hits the ground running ahead of the caucuses. According to the Des Moines Register, 14% of likely Democratic caucus-goers are still uncommitted. Associated Press Political Reporter Catherine Lucey joins Tamron Hall with the latest. watch

Who won the Dem debate?

Who won the Dem debate?

01/18/16 11:09AM

Democratic strategist Chris Kofinis’ firm conducted a focus group during the final Democratic debate. He joins Tamron Hall to share his findings on which candidates led the pack. watch

Democrats clash in final debate before Iowa

Democrats clash in final debate before Iowa

01/18/16 10:59AM

Following their final debate, Democratic presidential candidates are hitting the campaign trail before the Iowa caucuses. NBC’s Kristen Welker joins Tamron Hall with highlights from the debate in Charleston, South Carolina. watch

Trump: I’ll do better polls say

Has Trump already conquered the GOP?

01/15/16 11:36AM

Extremely confident about his performance in the sixth Republican debate, Donald Trump speaks at a rally in Iowa. NBC News Senior Political Editor Mark Murray talks to Tamron Hall about the rally, the debate and Trump’s clash with Ted Cruz. watch

Clinton and Sanders’ war of words over...

Clinton and Sanders’ war of words over healthcare

01/15/16 11:24AM

Hillary Clinton is hitting back at Bernie Sanders as their fight over healthcare heats up just two days before the next Democratic presidential debate. Former Michigan Governor and supporter for the Clinton campaign, Jennifer Granholm joins Tamron Hall on MSNBC. watch


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