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Ben Carson’s biography under scrutiny

Ben Carson’s biography under scrutiny

11/09/15 11:30AM

Republican front-runner Ben Carson is trying to fend off more scrutiny over reported discrepancies in his life story. Daily Caller Senior Contributor Matt K. Lewis and Democratic Strategist Robert Zimmerman weigh on MSNBC. watch

University of Missouri president resigns

Tim Wolfe: ‘Please use this resignation to heal’

11/09/15 11:22AM

University of Missouri students, including the student body president said they were called the “N” word on campus. Tim Wolfe resigns as president of the university over his handling of alleged cases of racism. NBC’S Sarah Dallof reports from the University’s main campus in Columbia, Missouri. watch

Democratic candidates to hold forum in...

Democratic candidates to hold forum in South Carolina

11/06/15 11:26AM

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley will take part in “The First In The South Democratic Forum” in South Carolina, moderated by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. Democratic National Committee Chair, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz joins Frances Rivera on MSNBC. watch

Christie and Huckabee shut out of next GOP...

Christie and Huckabee shut out of next GOP debate

11/06/15 11:10AM

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee have been cut from the main stage at the next Republican presidential debate. Donald Trump however, tweeted that they should still be included. Washington Post Political Columnist Dana Milbank and Republican Strategist Rich Galen discuss all things 2016 on MSNBC. watch

Did ISIS bring down Russian jetliner?

Did ISIS bring down Russian jetliner?

11/06/15 11:05AM

NBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin reports live from Cairo, Egypt on the British tourists who are now able to travel back to the United Kingdom after being stranded in Sharm El-Sheikh. Plus, Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell of California, a member of the House Intelligence Committee joins Frances Rivera with the latest on the on-going investigation into... watch

Born in the USA: Rising Tide Car Wash

Born in the USA: Rising Tide Car Wash

11/05/15 11:46AM

Rising Tide Car Wash’s mission is to employ people who have some form of autism, including the owner’s son. In this edition of our ‘Born in the USA’ series, Rising Tide Owner John D’eri talks to Tamron Hall about his company and how he risked it all to make sure his son would have a successful life. watch

Donald Trump runs first radio ads

Donald Trump runs first radio ads

11/05/15 11:24AM

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump released his first ads to air on the radio in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. However, Trump denies the ads are a result of him slipping behind Ben Carson in some national polls. MSNBC Political Analyst and Mother Jones Washington Bureau Chief David Corn and NBC News Senior Political Editor... watch

Did ISIS bomb take down Russian jetliner?

US officials: Bomb likely downed Russian plane

11/05/15 10:59AM

Russia and Egypt are dismissing U.S. and British claims that Russian Jetliner A321 was brought down by an ISIS bomb in Egypt's Sinai desert. NBC's Billy Neely reports the latest on the investigation from Cairo. Plus, NBC's Tom Costello, NBC News Aviation expert Greg Feith and NBC News Terrorism Analyst Evan Kohlmann discuss the... watch

Drug deaths become top campaign issue

How drug abuse became a top 2016 campaign issue

11/04/15 11:43AM

The drug epidemic has suddenly become a focus of presidential candidates from both parties, for both personal and political reasons. Brad Lamm Founder and CEO of 'Breathe Life Healing Centers’ and Wall Street Journal Reporter Heather Haddon talk about how drug abuse became a campaign issue on MSNBC. watch

A child’s fight for medical marijuana

A child’s fight for medical marijuana

11/03/15 11:51AM

If the controversial measure is passed, Ohio could become the most populated jurisdiction to legalize recreational marijuana. Heather Benton’s daughter Addyson battled hundreds to thousands of seizures per day until her parents moved to Colorado to try marijuana where it is legal. Her parents say she is now a different girl. Heather shares her... watch


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