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E.g., 8/30/2016
Kelly previews Obama’s action on gun laws

Kelly previews Obama’s action on gun laws

01/05/16 11:08AM

Captain Mark Kelly joins MSNBC’s Tamron Hall to discuss the gun violence in this country, as well as President Barack Obama’s upcoming announcement unveiling his new executive action on gun laws. watch

GOP accuses WH of attacking second amendment

GOP questions legality of Pres. Obama’s executive actions

01/05/16 11:06AM

President Obama’s new executive actions will narrow the so-called gun show loophole by expanding background checks and tighten enforcement of the nation’s gun laws. National Law Journal Reporter Mike Sacks and Tamron Hall talk about the legal challenges President Obama could face. watch

Armed protesters ask people to join standoff

FBI working for ‘peaceful resolution’ to Oregon standoff

01/04/16 11:14AM

The leader of the armed band of protesters locked in a government standoff in Oregon is asking for more people to join the group's cause as the clash between citizen activists and the federal government reaches a fever pitch. MSNBC’s Scott Cohn reports from Princeton, Oregon and Ryan Lenz from the Southern Poverty Law Center weighs in. watch

Donald Trump releases first TV ad

Donald Trump releases first TV ad

01/04/16 11:03AM

As he continues to lead in polls, Donald Trump aims to seal the deal with his first TV ad in New Hampshire and Iowa ahead of the caucuses. MSNBC Political Correspondent Steve Kornacki takes a deeper look at the new ad. Plus, NH1 Political Director Paul Steinhauser and Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of New Hampshire... watch

Jeb Bush shakes up campaign

Jeb Bush shakes up campaign: cancels TV ads, redeploys staff

12/31/15 11:26AM

Just 32 days before the first votes are cast in Iowa, Jeb Bush is shaking up his campaign again by shifting staffers out of his Miami headquarters to key early voting states. He’s also canceling planned ad buys in Iowa and South Carolina. Daily Beast Political Reporter Betsy Woodruff joins MSNBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin to discuss. watch

Unprecedented security this New Year's

NYPD deploys new anti-terror force ahead of New Year's...

12/31/15 11:15AM

Security officials around the world are on high alert during the final hours of 2015. In Paris, an annual New Year’s Eve fireworks display has been canceled. In New York, police are boosting their presence ahead of the celebration in Times Square. NBC’s Sarah Dallof reports on the new security measures from New York City and Malcolm Nance,... watch

Cosby’s attorney: My client is not guilty

Cosby’s attorney: My client is not guilty

12/31/15 11:00AM

Now that comedian Bill Cosby has been charged with aggravated indecent assault, his legal team is vowing to fight to clear his name. Rosemary Connors reports from outside of Cosby’s home in Cheltenham, Philadelphia and MSNBC Contributor and Criminal Defense Attorney Seema Iyer weighs in on the case. watch

Donald Trump to launch massive ad blitz

Donald Trump to launch massive ad blitz

12/30/15 11:29AM

The latest polls show Donald Trump has a solid lead, with Ted Cruz second and Marco Rubio third, as he prepares to launch a massive ad blitz in three key swing states, including South Carolina. MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki and Kasie Hunt joins Craig Melvin on MSNBC. watch

Other accusers' atty. reacts to Cosby charge

Attorney for other accusers reacts to Cosby charge

12/30/15 11:24AM

Attorney Joe Cammarata, who represents seven of Bill Cosby’s alleged victims, talks to Craig Melvin about Pennsylvania prosecutors charging Cosby with aggravated indecent assault. Cammarata does not represent the alleged victim in the case Cosby is now charged with. watch

Melber on Cosby: ‘This is not a normal case’

D.A.: Bill Cosby committed aggravated indecent assault

12/30/15 10:58AM

Pennsylvania prosecutors have charged Bill Cosby with aggravated indecent assault in an alleged encounter with a former Temple University employee in 2004. Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber and NBC’s Craig Melvin discuss the case on MSNBC. watch

Fmr. Florida Speaker on Bush's path forward

Fmr. Florida Speaker on Jeb Bush's path forward

12/29/15 11:53AM

Former Florida Speaker of the House and surrogate for the Bush campaign, Will Weatherford, talks about Jeb Bush’s new ad accusing Marco Rubio of missing national security briefings so that he could fundraise, plus Bush’s path forward amid low poll numbers. watch

Rubio camp slams ‘dishonest’ Bush ad

Rubio camp slams ‘dishonest’ Bush Super PAC ad

12/29/15 11:49AM

Marco Rubio’s campaign is slamming a new Jeb Bush Super PAC ad that accuses Rubio of missing key votes and national security briefings. Washington Post Political Reporter Ed O’Keefe joins Craig Melvin with a look at the new ad on MSNBC. watch

Donald Trump takes aim at Bill Clinton

Donald Trump takes aim at Bill Clinton

12/29/15 11:41AM

As Bill Clinton prepares to hit the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, Republican front-runner Donald Trump is suggesting that the former president may be a liability, pointing to his 2008 effort to help his wife. NBC’s Jacob Rascon reports from Iowa. watch

10 ISIS leaders killed in airstrikes

10 ISIS leaders killed in airstrikes

12/29/15 11:34AM

The Pentagon has confirmed ten ISIS leaders have been killed in airstrikes this month, including one leader with direct ties to the mastermind of the Paris terror attacks. Terrorism analyst and co-founder of Flashpoint, Evan Kohlmann, joins Craig Melvin on MSNBC. watch


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