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Can Ben Carson turnaround his poll numbers?

Can Ben Carson turnaround slide in poll numbers?

12/16/15 11:40AM

Dr. Ben Carson is back on the campaign trail following the last Republican debate of 2015, but many are questioning if he did enough to turnaround his sinking poll numbers. Carson Campaign Press Secretary Deana Bass joins Tamron Hall on MSNBC. watch

Jury in Freddie Gray trial resumes...

Judge to Freddie Gray jury: ‘You must decide the case for...

12/16/15 11:23AM

The jury in the Freddie Gray trial is back behind doors for a third day after they were deadlocked 11 hours into deliberations. The judge told them they must decide if Officer William Porter’s failure to put a seatbelt on Gray or get him help is a criminal act. NBC’s Ron Mott reports the latest from the courthouse. watch

Trump and Cruz remain friendly in fifth...

Trump and Cruz remain friendly in fifth debate

12/16/15 11:10AM

Katrina Pierson, National Spokesperson for the Donald Trump campaign, joins Tamron Hall to talk about highlights from the fifth and final Republican debate of 2015. Plus, Pierson discusses Trump’s rally in Vegas that turned chaotic. watch

Bush and Trump spar in GOP debate

Candidates clash in last GOP debate of 2015

12/16/15 11:04AM

Republican presidential candidates are back on the campaign trail after facing off in the fifth and final debate of 2015. NBC News Political Director and Moderator of “Meet the Press,” Chuck Todd joins Tamron Hall to discuss the highlights on MSNBC. watch

NYPD: Non-credible threat made to NYC schools

NYPD: Non-credible threat made to NYC schools

12/15/15 11:43AM

The NYPD reported that non-credible threats were made to NYC schools today, following reports of bomb threats in Los Angeles sending 640,000 students home. Former Director of Homeland Security for New York Michael Balboni joins MSNBC's Tamron Hall to weigh in. watch

‘Threats transpired over a period of time’

Former LA Mayor: Threats against school transpired over time

12/15/15 11:34AM

Los Angeles Unified School District, which is the second largest school district in the country, closed all public schools and sent nearly 640,000 students home following a bomb threat. Former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa joins Tamron Hall to talk about the district’s response on MSNBC. watch

How social media helps during emergencies

How social media can help school districts during threats

12/15/15 11:10AM

Cal Perry joins MSNBC's Tamron Hall to describe Los Angeles Unified School District's response after reports of a bomb threat sent home 640,000 students. He shares how social media can come to the aid of school districts, parents and police during similar emergencies. watch

Ted Cruz surge a 'nightmare scenario' for GOP

First Read: Ted Cruz and Donald Trump clear front-runners

12/14/15 11:34AM

According to our NBC First Read team, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are now the clear Republican frontrunners in the 2016 presidential race. NBC News Senior Political Editor Mark Murray and Tamron Hall take a look at the latest numbers from a new national NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll and discuss what we can expect form the next debate. watch

LA police defend fatal shooting

Police defend fatal shooting of Nicholas Robertson

12/14/15 11:27AM

Authorities in Los Angeles are defending the fatal police shooting of 28-year-old Nicholas Robertson who was shot at 33 times. Police say Robertson was carrying a gun and was not listening, but witnesses say he was crawling away. MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber joins Tamron Hall with the latest. watch

GOP debate sets up Trump vs. Cruz clash

Poll: Ted Cruz surges ahead of Donald Trump in Iowa

12/14/15 11:13AM

A new NBC News poll shows Ted Cruz gaining ground on Donald Trump nationally and pulling ahead of him in Iowa by 10 points. MSNBC Political Correspondent and Host Steve Kornacki takes a closer look at the big storyline shaping up ahead of the next GOP debate in Las Vegas. watch

GOP race tightens ahead of debate

ISIS and National security to top GOP debate

12/14/15 11:09AM

National security and President Obama’s ISIS strategy will be two of the big talking points at the next Republican debate in Las Vegas. NBC’s Katy Tur and Tamron Hall take a look at what we can expect from the debate. watch

Poll reveals heightened fear of terrorism

Fear of terrorism grows as new evidence emerges

12/11/15 11:08AM

Following the San Bernardino attack that killed 14 people, a new national poll finds Americans are more fearful of a terror attack now than at any other time since 9/11. Jane Harman, former ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee and President of The Wilson Center joins Frances Rivera on MSNBC. watch


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