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Former LA mayor calls for stricter gun laws

Former LA mayor calls for stricter gun laws

12/04/15 11:25AM

Former mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa joins MSNBC's Tamron Hall to discuss the San Bernardino shooting massacre and explains California's gun policies while calling for more stringent gun laws at the federal level. watch

'So much planning' behind shooting rampage

'So much planning' behind shooting rampage

12/04/15 11:07AM

Malcolm Nance from the Terror Asymmetrics Project joins MSNBC's Tamron Hall to provide insight on the shooters responsible for Wednesday's rampage in San Bernardino, Calif., and details Tashfeen Malik's statement pledging support to ISIS. watch

Shooter pledged support to ISIS before attack

Shooter pledged support to ISIS before attack

12/04/15 10:59AM

MSNBC's Cal Perry joins Tamron Hall to discuss reports that Tashfeen Malik posted a statement of support for the ISIS leader. Perry says Malik didn't use her Facebook page, making it more difficult to determine her followers on social media. watch

San Bernardino resident witnessed response

San Bernardino resident witnessed response

12/03/15 11:04AM

MSNBC's Kerry Sanders interviews Don Bell, a resident of San Bernardino, Calif., who witnessed the community's response to Wednesday's shooting. He shares details on what he heard and saw as his neighborhood responded to the attack. watch

Trump on ISIS: ‘You have to take out their...

Trump on ISIS: ‘You have to take out their families’

12/02/15 11:20AM

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump is once again dominating headlines with new comments about his strategy to combat ISIS. He is still dominating the Republican race with a double digit lead over Marco Rubio who is now in second place. MSNBC political analyst David Corn and Republican strategist Susan Del Percio discuss. watch

LeAnn Rimes gives back during the holidays

LeAnn Rimes partners with veterans group for ‘Giving Tuesday’

12/01/15 11:52AM

In the spirit of ‘Giving Tuesday,’ a social media campaign urging people to donate their money or time to charities, LeAnn Rimes is partnering with non-profit group Disabled American Veterans. In an effort to give back this holiday season, Rimes pays tribute to veterans in a remake of the song “Celebrate Me Home,” which is featured on her new... watch

Pres. Obama defends ISIS strategy

Obama defends ISIS plan, expects Putin to ‘change calculations’

12/01/15 11:21AM

At a news conference from the Global Climate Summit in Paris, President Obama focused on the war against ISIS and expressed optimism that Russia will see the need for Syrian President Assad to leave power to end his country's four-year long civil war. House Armed Services Committee member, Democrat Jackie Speier of California, joins Tamron... watch

Sen. Warren skips Clinton endorsement event

Sen. Warren skips Hillary Clinton endorsement event

12/01/15 11:08AM

Hillary Clinton took the stage with 13 of 14 Democratic female Senators at a fundraiser for her presidential campaign. Senator Elizabeth Warren, however, was noticeably absent from the event. NBC’s Kristen Welker reports from Montgomery, Alabama. Daily Caller Senior Contributor Matt Lewis and Democratic Strategist Robert Zimmerman also weigh in. watch


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