Steve Kornacki with "Up Against the Clock" winner Brian Beutler.
Photo Courtesy of Teresa Gianotti

We have a winner!

For the first time in UP Against the Clock’s storied history, a contestant triumphed in the bonus round and took home the grand prize. After defeating Basil Smikle Jr. and Lizz Winstead in regular competition, Salon’s Brian Beutler snagged a $50 gift certificate to Little Poland, the storied game show’s long-coveted treasure.

The award ceremony included a special twist this week - the Saturday Night Live props department took advantage of their week off to make UP its very own giant check. There is no word yet whether Beutler plans to use the gift certificate to treat the hosts of The Cycle after his appearance this coming week.

UP, 10/19/13, 11:58 AM ET

It’s time for Up Against the Clock!

Get ready to test your knowledge in the week that was in news and pop culture with contestants Basil Smikle, Lizz Winstead and Brian Beutler.

Tune in next week for another high stakes installment of UP Against the Clock.

We have a winner!