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The GOP’s chance to win over a city full of liberals


Republican candidate for New York City Mayor Joe Lhota joined Up with Steve Kornacki on Saturday to discuss his chances in a race that is widely expected to go to the Democratic nominee. While he supports the controversial “stop-and-frisk” policing program that was recently ruled unconstitutional by a judge, Lhota pointed out he agrees with progressives on social issues like abortion and marriage equality, wildly popular positions in the country’s largest city.

The former head of the Manhattan Transit Authority also took on tough questions about what has become a hot button issue: his comments recently that he would not have stopped service on one train line when two kittens were spotted on the tracks. Lhota didn’t want the kittens to die, he insisted; he just thought the cats would have gotten out of the way on their own.

Watch the full interview above.


The GOP's chance to win over a city full of liberals