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House Intel Committee votes to release Republican memo

House Intel Committee votes to release Republican memo

01/30/18 11:11AM

The House Intelligence Committee votes to release a highly classified memo alleging FBI misconduct in the Russia probe. The clock is ticking for the President to review it and at the same time the White House is dodging questions on the departure of Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. Stephanie and her panel react to these headlines which... watch

How Trump's state of the union speech might compare to past presidents

Will President Trump address the controversies surrounding his...

01/29/18 11:05AM

Russia investigation, immigration, low approval ratings and another approaching government shutdown. NBC News Presidential historian Michael Beschloss discusses how past presidents handled controversies in their State of the Union. And how President Trump might handle the issues surrounding his administration. watch

Steve Wynn's resignation hovers over Republican party

Will Republicans return the money their former Finance Chair...

01/29/18 11:03AM

Casino mogul Steve Wynn steps down as finance chair of the RNC after allegations of misconduct. Wynn told NBC News that he denies the accusations. Stephanie and her panel: The Bipartisan Policy Center’s Robert Traynham, The New York Times’ Mark Leibovich, and Voto Latino’s Maria Theresa Kumar discuss how this might affect the Republican party. watch

Traynham: Do we want Trump to be “normal” or “presidential” at SOTU

What can we expect from Trump’s State of the Union address?

01/29/18 11:02AM

The cloud of the Russia probe hangs over President Trump's first State of the Union Address. Lawmakers are divided over protecting Mueller after revelations the president tried to fire him. And the Trump administration is at war with its own Justice Department over a controversial memo they say paints the Russia probe as tainted from the... watch

Good News: Bus driver gives back to women with breast cancer

Good News: Bus driver gives back to women with breast cancer

01/26/18 11:03AM

There’s always good news somewhere. In Ohio, bus driver Lavar Jacobs has made it a personal mission to help women with breast cancer. In addition to starting a non-profit organization called “Not Just October” to raise year-long awareness for breast cancer, he also spends his free time shoveling snow and offering rides for women fighting the... watch

Trump:  “America first does not mean America alone”

How did the world receive Trump’s Davos speech?

01/26/18 11:02AM

President Trump takes to the world stage promoting his “America First” agenda at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. MSNBC’s Ali Velshi joins Stephanie Ruhle to react to the president’s speech. watch

WH proposes path to citizenship for “dreamers”

What Trump wants in return for “dreamers” path to citizenship

01/26/18 10:09AM

The White House is laying the groundwork for President Trump’s new immigration proposal. Attorney Raul Reyes, MSNBC Political Analyst Rick Tyler, and Slate’s Mike Pesca react to what is in the plan. The panel also discusses what it will take to get a bipartisan immigration bill passed. watch

GOP Strategist calls on Congress to protect Mueller’s probe

Trump calls Mueller firing report “fake news”

01/26/18 10:05AM

President Trump calls the report that he ordered White House counsel Don McGahn to fire special counsel Robert Mueller back in June “fake news.” The panel: Slate’s Mike Pesca, MSNBC Political Analyst Rick Tyler, MSNBC National Security Analyst Clint Watts, and The Washington Post’s Robert Costa analyze the president’s actions related to the... watch

Trump: “False” that UK leader and I have bad relationship

President Trump meets with Prime Minister Theresa May in Davos

01/25/18 12:48PM

President Donald Trump met with British Prime Minister Theresa May in Davos, Switzerland. Stephanie Ruhle joined by MSNBC’s Ali Velshi and her panel: The Economist’s Brendan Greeley, MSNBC Political Analyst Elise Jordan, and Politico’s Ben White react to the president’s meetings in Davos with Theresa May and Benjamin Netanyahu. watch

Tech giants spend record amount lobbying

Calls to investigate Russian bot campaign as big tech spends...

01/24/18 10:58AM

Money Power Politics: An eye-opening new report says Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google spent a record 50-million dollars to try and influence the U.S. government last year. Recode’s Tony Romm, joins to discuss what these companies could be getting in exchange for all that money. watch


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