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E.g., 2/26/2018
Akerman: No one in WH except his family will take a bullet for Trump

House Intel Committee releases Fusion GPS Co-Founder testimony...

01/19/18 11:25AM

The House Intelligence Committee has released the transcripts from its closed-door interview with Glenn Simpson, the head of the opposition research firm "Fusion GPS." NBC’s Mike Memoli breaks down the transcripts along with Former Assistant Special Watergate Prosecutor, Dorsey & Whitney LLP Partner, and MSNBC legal analyst Nick... watch

Williams: Odds of success on ending DACA low, not impossible

What are the chances the Supreme Court will hear the case to...

01/19/18 11:12AM

The Trump administration is hoping the Supreme Court will allow them to go ahead with a plan to end DACA. Earlier this week a federal judge in San Francisco blocked the government from ending the program and Justice Department lawyers requested that the Supreme Court hear the case. watch

Costa: Government Shutdown is “not a devastating experience”

Will there be a government shutdown?

01/19/18 11:04AM

Will the president save the day by averting a government shutdown at the last minute? Stephanie and her panel: CNBC’s Ron Insana, NY1’s Grace Rauh, and the Washington Post’s Robert Costa discuss what it takes to avoid the looming government shutdown and how the markets might react if a shutdown happens. watch

Is Steve Bannon Ready to tell all?

Is Steve Bannon Ready to tell all?

01/17/18 10:07AM

Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon faces two subpoenas in the Russia probe and new reports reveal he is ready to tell all. NBC’s Kristen Welker has some exclusive information and Stephanie’s panel: Washington Post White House Reporter Ashley Parker, Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele, and MSNBC Contributor Eddie Glaude weigh in. watch

Thompson: It takes an a-hloe to know what an s-hole is

Fallout after Trump’s bipartisan immigration meeting

01/16/18 02:07PM

The president continues to deny he said “s***hole countries” while Senators like Lindsey Graham stand by their claim that he did. Bloomberg News White House Reporter Shannon Pettypiece and Sirius XM Radio Host Mark Thompson discuss the fallout after President Trump’s bipartisan immigration meeting. watch


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