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E.g., 6/24/2018
Sykes: There’s no such thing as a perjury trap

Trump lawyers push to avoid one on one meeting with Mueller

02/06/18 09:54AM

President Trump's lawyers are pushing hard to avoid a one on one meeting with special counsel Robert Mueller. The New York Times reports that Trump’s “lawyers are concerned that the president, who has a history of making false statements and contradicting himself, could be charged with lying to investigators." Stephanie and her panel:... watch

Shiller on markets: people have been half-expecting a correction

Dow poised for another major slide after record drop

02/06/18 09:47AM

The Dow hit its largest one day drop in history. The founder of the economics newsletter "All We Know So Far" Brendan Greeley, David Zervo from Jefferies global investment banking firm, and Nobel Prize winning economist Robert Shiller discuss why the markets might be dropping. watch

Vice Chair of NY Dem party: We need to stand firm on immigration

Will the bipartisan immigration deal without wall funding pass?

02/05/18 11:11AM

Two senators are set to release a bipartisan immigration deal just days ahead of a potential government shutdown, but without funding for the U.S. – Mexico border wall. What are the chances of this bill passing? Columnist for The Washington Post Max Boot, Vice Chair of the New York State Democratic Party Christine Quinn, and the Editor-at-Large... watch

Will we see Dem's response to the contentious Russia memo?

Does the Nunes memo “vindicate” Donald Trump?

02/05/18 11:09AM

The Republican memo is out and now Democrats are working to get their memo released as well. To do this Democrats have to get Republicans and the president on board. Stephanie and her panel: The Washington Post’s White House Bureau Chief Phil Rucker, Columnist for The Washington Post Max Boot, Vice Chair of the New York State Democratic Party... watch

Insana: Almost feels like a little ethnic cleansing is going on right now

Will we see an immigration deal or another Government shutdown?

02/02/18 12:21PM

Congress is just days away from another Government shutdown. President Trump is blasting Democrats over DACA, but at the same time saying Republicans need to give a little. MSNBC Political Contributor Jason Johnson and CNBC Contributor Ron Insana discuss what the chances are of an immigration deal. watch

Kruszewski: People underestimate positive impact of tax cuts

January jobs report is up but markets are down, why?

02/02/18 12:19PM

The January jobs report beat expectations, but the stock market opens down. Ronald Kruszewski the President and CEO of Stifel Financial, a leading investment banking firm, gives his take on the markets reacting to the new jobs report. He also weighs in on the president’s tax bill. watch

Good news: Go Red for Women movement

Good news: Go Red for Women movement

02/02/18 10:33AM

it's National Go Red Day! The "Go Red for Women" movement brings attention to the number one killer of women: heart disease. Nearly one in three women's death is caused by heart disease. That's approximately one woman every 80 seconds, but 80-percent of the cases could be prevented by knowing your numbers, family history... watch

Good news: Viral jump shot

Good news: Viral jump shot

02/01/18 10:29AM

Here is a little good news from a High School basketball player in Kettle Falls, Washington. His name is Junior and he did not let anything stop him from sinking a jump shot with a minute-and-a-half left in the game. watch

Fmr. Dem Senator: This is a historical divide over intel

The political divide surrounding the Nunes memo

02/01/18 10:24AM

MSNBC Contributor Charlie Sykes along with Former Democratic Senator and Former Indiana Governor Evan Bayh weigh in on the political divide surrounding the Nunes memo. Bayh used to sit on the Senate Intelligence Committee and he explains just how unusual it is for members on these committees to be this polarized. watch

Fmr. Watergate Atty on Memo: It’s a cheap political stunt

What we know about the Republican memo?

02/01/18 10:17AM

The FISA memo is a four-page document that Republicans claim will expose anti-Trump bias inside the intelligence community. Democrats say its misleading, leaves out critical context and a now the top Dem on the committee says it was “secretly altered.” NBC's Kristen Welker and Ken Dilanian along with Former Assistant Special Watergate... watch

President Trump’s “unity” State of the Union

How was Trump’s SOTU speech received by both parties?

01/31/18 11:12AM

RealClearPolitics associate editor A. B. Stoddard, GOP Strategist and MSNBC Contributor Steve Schmidt, and the Editor of "All We Know So Far" Brendan Greeley characterize President Trump’s State of the Union speech and consider how both Democrats and Republicans might have received the speech. watch

Kennedy: Trump turning “American life into a zero-sum game”

What is Trump’s “New American Moment” from his SOTU speech?

01/31/18 10:41AM

The president tried to hit an optimistic tone during his State of the Union address proclaiming a "new American moment.” However, Congressman Joe Kennedy blames the Trump Administration for creating a more divisive country in his official Democratic rebuttal to the president’s speech. MSNBC Contributor and Republican Strategist Steve... watch


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