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E.g., 10/11/2015
Race in America: Ferguson PD shakeup?

Race in America: Ferguson PD shakeup?

10/29/14 01:45PM

MSNBC’s Trymaine Lee taps inside sources within the Ferguson Police Department on the potential changes for Ferguson police. New York Times columnist Charles Blow shares his compelling story on the self-perpetuating world of racial inequality that lives i watch

Midterm Reefer Madness

Midterm Reefer Madness

10/27/14 04:25PM

Several states put weed on the ballot in 2014. NBC News’ Mark Murray on the initiatives that are making the midterm elections smokin’ hot. watch

The call: Midterm matters

10/27/14 01:12PM

The pivotal 2014 midterms are only days away. That's why on this week's show, we will showcase a different key race every day and discuss why each matters locally and nationally. read more


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