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Sorority Rush - Collier Meyerson - 09/13/2013

The call: #StopTheHazing

06/09/14 01:05PM

There is a serious, culturally rooted problem that persists in the shadows – we’re talking about the issue of hazing. And recently we have seen far too many examples of extreme hazing  that involve intimidation, a culture of silence  and brutality – hazings that even result in death. read more

A tragic shooting trend continues

A tragic shooting trend continues

06/06/14 02:11PM

Another school shooting took place on Thursday, this time on the campus of Seattle Pacific University in Washington. Former Boston Mayor Thomas Menino joins to discuss the need for immediate action on guns - particularly keeping them out of schools. watch

Lasers at the center of latest NASA project

Lasers at the center of latest NASA project

06/06/14 02:07PM

What once was just sci-fi is now bona fide reality: NASA has successfully tested a new communications system using lasers, which will allow for lightning-fast live video transmissions from space. NASA’s Matt Abrahamson joins to discuss. watch


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