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History of race & riots in America

What Ferguson reveals about race & riots in America

08/18/14 01:38PM

The violence on the streets of Ferguson has raised new concerns about law enforcement in this country, but it has also raised old memories of racial unrest that tore the nation apart during the 1960s and defined U.S. politics largely in terms of black ver watch

Sharpton: Need ‘clear move toward justice’

Rev. Al Sharpton: Need ‘clear move toward justice’

08/18/14 01:17PM

Rev. Al Sharpton discusses the mood on the ground in Ferguson, Missouri over the weekend while at the Michael Brown rally, what he thinks needs to happen next to help put a stop to police brutality and why he supports Ronan Farrow Daily’s Call to Action f watch

Brown autopsy ‘only part’ of story

Preliminary Brown autopsy ‘only part’ of story

08/18/14 12:59PM

Michael Brown’s family attorney Benjamin Crump, forensic expert Lawrence Kobilinsky, and NBC News legal analyst Lisa Bloom discuss what the results of the preliminary autopsy commissioned by the Brown family reveals and whether or not we can expect to see watch

Ferguson: Test of leadership

Ferguson: Test of leadership

08/15/14 01:49PM

Joshua DuBois and MSNBC Contributor Jonathan Capehart weigh in on how city, state and federal leaders have been handling this crisis and what else could or should be done in the wake of the shooting of Michael Brown. watch

Will Ferguson force police to demilitarize?

Will Ferguson force police to demilitarize?

08/15/14 01:31PM

Images from Ferguson have revealed the vast array of military weapons that have made their way to local police departments. John Gaskin of the NAACP and Paul Szoldra of Business Insider discuss the nationwide problem of over-militarized police and what s watch

Ferguson community is reeling

Ferguson community is reeling

08/15/14 01:16PM

Major Ronnie Robinson of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department discusses the current state of the Michael Brown shooting investigation and what needs to happen next to rebuild trust with and maintain peace in the community in Ferguson, Missouri. watch

Police consider Michael Brown 'primary...

Police consider Michael Brown 'primary suspect'

08/15/14 01:07PM

Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal and Reverend Rodney Francis of the Washington Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church in St Louis discuss the community’s response to the new information released by the Ferguson Police Department. watch

Iraq and the use of presidential power

Iraq and the use of presidential power

08/14/14 01:46PM

Senators Tim Kaine, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz have all called on President Obama to get Congressional authorization for military action in Iraq. With some members of Congress pressing for a War Powers vote, Foreign Policy’s Michael Weiss breaks down how like watch

Breaking the ISIS siege on Mount Sinjar

Breaking the ISIS siege on Mount Sinjar

08/14/14 01:42PM

Following President Obama’s remarks on Iraq, attention turns to what the United Nations is declaring a “level 3” humanitarian crisis – the highest level of emergency – and what additional resources and funds will be mobilized to help the human fallout fro watch

Obama and Hillary to 'hug it out'?

Obama and Hillary to 'hug it out'?

08/13/14 01:29PM

First they publicly clashed over foreign policy. Now President Obama and Hillary Clinton plan to “hug it out” when they cross paths at a Martha’s Vineyard social event. Today’s RFD politics panel with Jonathan Allen and Chris Jansing dig into what’s reall watch


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