A guard tower is shown at Corcoran State Prison in Corcoran, California October 1, 2013.
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The Call: School-to-Prison Pipeline

How about if I told you that today, in 2014, black students in public schools are suspended or expelled three times more often than white students?

A new government study of every public school in America revealed that stark disparity. And perhaps more startling…it starts early. Almost too early to believe. While African American kids make up about 18% of preschoolers, they account for 42% of preschoolers who get suspended. And that early discipline can lead to much bigger problems.

It’s what the ACLU called the “school to prison” pipeline. America’s schools are failing troubled kids – and particularly minorities – kicking them out of the classroom and, too often, into the courtroom.

And that is the subject of our Call to Action this week: we’d like you to call your local school and ask what programs they have for at-risk youth - and let us know if you think it’s enough.

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The Call: School-to-Prison Pipeline