Nizama Koldzo, a Bosnian Muslim, poses for a portrait in her home. She has been unable to find work since finishing her masters degree at a university in Brussels.
Elizabeth D. Herman

The call: Generation jobless


Ladies & Gents –

There’s a major challenge facing today’s youth: unemployment.

And it is a global challenge. Whether they live in Europe, South America or the U.S., millennials are caught in a transitioning world economy. The road from school to career has become increasingly rocky one. Nearly one-quarter of the world’s youth are in a paralyzing limbo: not employed, not enrolled in school or undergoing any professional training, aka “NEETs” (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) – that’s  as many as 290 million people age 15 to 24. Forty percent of the world’s unemployed are under the age of 25, according to the International Labor Organization.

It is an essential building block for a thriving global economy - a robust influx of young adults.

This week we are joining forces with the International House and The GroundTruth Project. The two groups that are hosting a conference on global youth unemployment this Friday, called the Generation Jobless Conference. It is aimed at finding real solutions for young people trying to find work.

And we are doing something a little different for our Call to Action – focusing on the 800 young members of International House.  Selected from more than 100 countries these young people are exceptional graduate students and trainees in New York City…. and we want you to help them find jobs. We are going to introduce you to as many of these impressive young job candidates as possible – both on our show and through videos posted to this page. 

Take a look at the videos below and see what you think. If you’re interested in any one of these highly trained, eager young people – or want any more information, send an email to:

Let’s get some talented millennials hired!

We also want to hear from you – InstagramTweet or Facebook a picture of yourself – holding a sign that tells us how many weeks, months or years you’ve been looking for a job post-graduation. And make sure to use the hashtag #Ronation so we can find your story!

Remember, if you are interested in helping any one of these young people or want any more information, please send a message to this special email address:


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The call: Generation jobless