Rainer Stosberg sorts harvested potatoes, August 4, 2013.
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The Call: Food Insecurity


Hey everyone –

According to the USDA, 49 million Americans face the tough choice of eating unhealthy food or no food every single day.  This is due to a phenomenon called food insecurity, which is “limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate and safe foods or limited or uncertain ability to acquire acceptable foods in socially acceptable ways.”

Socially acceptable…meaning without dumpster diving or stealing.

People in this situation happen to be living in a growing number of so-called “food deserts” – places with limited access to affordable, healthy food. And many in those deserts don’t even know it.

So for our Call to Action this week, we want to find out how this challenge looks in your community. We’re asking a simple question – are you close to fresh food or fast food?

Let us know on Twitter, Facebook, email, or you can join the conversation right here on our website.

We’re going to be examining different angles of food insecurity every day, starting with one solution many are looking to – urban farms.  This week we spoke with Will Allen, CEO of the nonprofit, Growing Power and author of the book “The Food Revolution: Growing Healthy Food, People and Communities.”

Looking forward to pushing the story forward using your submissions.


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The Call: Food Insecurity