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Road Map, one of MSNBC's online-only shows, is your guide to international news. NBC News Foreign Correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin interviews analysts and experts, answering questions about the world and what’s next on the global stage. Catch up on past episodes here.

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Can a sugary drink tax curb consumption?

Can a sugary drink tax curb consumption?

06/17/15 10:28AM

Should the government implement a tax on sugary drinks? Ayman Mohyeldin and Tom Farley, CEO of The Public Good Projects, discuss Mexico's soda tax, and the benefits a tax like Mexico’s can have on Americans. watch

Israeli spokesman grilled over Gaza deaths

Israeli spokesman grilled over Gaza deaths

06/17/15 10:00AM

Ayman Mohyeldin grills Mark Regev, Spokesperson for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu about the report released by the Israeli government last week which clears its military forces of wrongdoing in the controversial missile attack that killed four boys... watch

Road Map: Gaza deaths one year later

Israeli probe clears military in Gaza beach deaths

06/17/15 08:10AM

Mark Regev, Spokesperson to PM Netanyahu, joins Ayman Mohyeldin to discuss the investigation which cleared the Israeli military of wrongdoing in last summer’s airstrike that killed four boys in Gaza. Journalist Mahir Zeynalov talks about the political scene in a post-election Turkey that shook up the status quo. Lastly, former NYC Health... watch

Egyptian protester flees after 25 year...

Egyptian protester flees after 25 year sentence

06/10/15 07:16PM

Hend Nafea fled Egypt after a court sentenced her earlier this year to 25 years in prison for protesting during the Arab Spring back in 2011. She joins Ayman Mohyeldin with filmmaker Gini Reticker to discuss her story and the documentary series “Trials... watch

Does FIFA have a gender equality problem?

Does FIFA have a gender equality problem?

06/10/15 07:13PM

Does FIFA provide the same resources for the women’s game that they do for the men’s game? World Cup champion Briana Scurry and New York Times contributor Francisco Toro join to discuss the ongoing corruption allegations against the organization. watch

Foodie divide over world’s best...

Foodie divide over world’s best restaurants list

06/10/15 07:10PM

There’s a fight brewing in the global food scene over the recent release of “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants” rankings. William Drew, group editor of the list and Zoe Reyners, co-founder of “Occupy 50 Best” join to discuss with Ayman Mohyeldin. watch

Judge lifts gay marriage prohibition in Guam

Judge lifts gay marriage prohibition in Guam

06/10/15 10:39AM

Amazon pulls the Islamic State's propaganda magazine off its site, a federal judge strikes down Guam's same-sex marriage ban, mermaid tail enthusiasts petition in Edmonton, Canada and elderly crime rates are on the rise in European and Asian countries. watch

Red Cross mishandled aid money in Haiti:...

Red Cross mishandled aid money in Haiti: Report

06/10/15 10:13AM

Five years after a devastating earthquake, there’s one question hanging over the relief efforts in Haiti: where did all the money go? ProPublica reporter Justin Elliott joins to discuss his new investigation into the Red Cross, which alleges the organizat watch

Hip-hop artist fights against censorship...

Hip-hop artist fights against censorship in Iran

06/03/15 10:30AM

MTV's "Rebel Music" tells the stories of musicians and artists around the world who are fighting against oppression, lack of freedom of speech and authoritarian leaders. Producer Ben Herson and Iranian hip-hop artist and poet Erfan Paydar join to discuss. watch

Nightclub owner spearheads aid effort in...

Nightclub owner spearheads aid effort in Nepal

06/03/15 10:17AM

Nepal has a long way to go for recovery, but amidst all the chaos left by the earthquakes, one DJ who owns a nightclub in Kathmandu found a way to use his management skills to organize aid for local hospitals. watch