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MSNBCs senior editor Beth Fouhy goes behind the big stories and hears reporters’ tales from the field on Reporter's Notebook, one of MSNBC's online-only shows.  Catch up on past episodes here.

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The complexities of interviewing grieving...

The complexities of interviewing grieving families

02/09/16 12:04PM

MSNBC's Beth Fouhy talks with Trymaine Lee about the required sensitivity that comes with interviewing families who have lost family members. He specifically reports on the death of young men in Missouri after the loosening of the gun laws. watch

Behind the scenes of MSNBC's presidential...

Behind the scenes of MSNBC's presidential debate

02/09/16 12:04PM

MSNBC's Beth Fouhy reveals the countless hours of preparation that went into producing the latest MSNBC presidential debate: from building the set, to preparing the hosts, and to asking the candidates probing questions, no precaution was ignored. watch

The experience of being a black Republican

The experience of being a black Republican

02/09/16 12:03PM

MSNBC's Beth Fouhy talks with Maria Hinojosa, anchor and Executive Producer of Humanizing America, about the complexities of the electorate; specifically how it is becoming more difficult to categorize millennials into two groups because they are such a diverse group. watch

'In a Different Key' explores history of...

'In a Different Key' explores history of autism

02/02/16 12:27PM

Producers John Donvan and Caren Zucker teamed up to write "In A Different Key," a book tracking the perceptions held and battles fought to understand autism over history. The authors join MSNBC's Beth Fouhy to talk about their findings and experiences writing the book. watch

Author reveals famous historical figures'...

Author reveals famous historical figures' mental health

02/02/16 12:24PM

Did you know that Frank Lloyd Wright was a narcissist? Claudia Kalb, author of "Andy Warhol Was a Hoarder," dives into the mental health of some of history's most famous figures and reveals what we didn't know about our favorite scientists, actors and more. watch

Surviving 438 days at sea

Surviving 438 days at sea

01/25/16 09:32AM

The Guardian’s Jonathan Franklin discusses his new book, ‘438 Days: An Extraordinary True Story of Survival at Sea’, about fisherman Jose Salvador Alvarenga’s who washed up in the Marshall Islands after 14 months adrift in the ocean. watch

Why Univision turned down ‘El Chapo'

Why Univision turned down ‘El Chapo'

01/25/16 09:20AM

Univision’s Investigative Unit Director Gerardo Reyes discusses why he made the decision to not interview Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman after Guzman demanded editorial control of the story. watch

Reporter’s Notebook: Univision's decision

Reporter’s Notebook: Univision's decision

01/25/16 08:52AM

Beth Fouhy sits down with filmmakers Chris Bell and Peter Billingsley about their latest documentary ‘Prescription Thugs.’ The Guardian’s Jonathan Franklin talks about his book "438 Days: an Extraordinary True Story of Survival at Sea.” Plus, the director of Univision’s investigative unit explains the channel's decision not to... watch

How stock photos are used in campaign ads

How stock photos are used in campaign ads

01/11/16 09:10AM

Donald Trump’s first television ad of his presidential campaign was definitely eye-grabbing, but it has come under fire for using stock photos of African migrants crossing the Moroccan border to refer to illegal immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border. How can journalists tell whether a candidate is using accurate images? Keren Sachs, Director of... watch

Week ahead holds 3 big political events

Week ahead holds three significant political events

01/11/16 09:00AM

The week to come has not one, not two, but three major events that could change the trajectory of the 2016 election. The first comes on Tuesday, when President Obama gives his final State of the Union address. Next comes a Republican primary debate on Thursday night, and lastly a Democratic debate next Sunday. Bloomberg Politics’s Sahil Kapur... watch

Reporter’s Notebook: Pres. Obama’s final year

Reporter’s Notebook: President Obama’s final year

01/11/16 08:45AM

Beth Fouhy, Jane Timm, and Sahil Kapur discuss President Obama’s final State of The Union address and the next two debates ahead of the Iowa caucuses. Plus, Shuttershock director stops by for a conversation about controversial images on presidential campaign ads. Adam Howard and Jacque Reid discuss the winners and losers of the 73rd Golden... watch

What’s in, what’s out for 2016?

What’s in, what’s out for 2016?

01/04/16 11:09AM

The Washington Post and Mediaite produced two widely-read lists hailing the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016: the infamous “In/Out List,” which was written in Trump speak, and the “25 Most Influential in Political News Media.” Jessica Contrera and JD Durkin explain who and what made each list. watch