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Newt Gingrich, health reform visionary

12/27/11 01:33PM

Today's find from Andrew Kaczynski shows Newt Gingrich again extolling the virtues of the individual mandate. "I think you’ve got to require everybody to either have insurance or to post a bond," Mr. Gingrich told a crowd at a health clinic in Bellevue, Nebraska, in 2008. "The fastest-growing section of the uninsured is people over $75,00 income who are making a calculated gamble that if they get sick, you’ll take care of them. read more

Best noon thing

12/27/11 12:04PM

From the New York Times today, the story of how a city saved the last "civic organist" in the United States. Click on the video above. Worth paying for? read more

Global searches for "panettone."

Map: Italian Christmas cake

12/27/11 11:30AM

In my Italian neighborhood, we have panettone everywhere. The Christmas cake sits in large red or blue boxes by the cash register, or hangs from the ceiling in the deli. What you'd do if you were looking for panettone in Wyoming or the far north of Canada, I dunno. I mean, I know the lengths I'd go to for a regional treat like a decent gumbo, but panettone in the near Arctic Circle? God bless 'em.(Map: Floating Sheep) read more

The Ron Paul newsletters, line by line

12/27/11 09:54AM

MORE HAITIANS?" lobbed into your Twitter stream. You can't really hide the ugliness of that, any more than you hide from it.@RP_Newletter has not quite 1,400 followers at present, which makes you still ahead of the curve.(h/t @DLoesch and @Daroswene) read more

Morning Maddow: December 27

12/27/11 07:53AM

Newt Gingrich didn't make the Virginia primary ballot after all.CNN digs up some dirt on Gingrich's first divorce.The Justice Department blocks South Carolina's new voter ID law.Guess who got named the Governor of the Year?What's a cash-strapped Sheriff to do? Sell the naming rights to a law-enforcement chopper.Infrastructure!"Anonymous" claims to have hacked a security think-tank for Christmas.A crazy-awesome cold war secret is revealed. read more

He'll shoot your eye out.

Holiday Film Alternatives

12/23/11 04:21PM

It's that time of year: the tree is up, the lights are lit, and people are shopping. And with the holiday season come the holiday movies. From time-tested classics like It's a Wonderful Life or Miracle on 34th St, to newer additions to the canon, like A Christmas Story and Home Alone, the airwaves (bandwiths?) will be clogged with holiday cheer.Nothing against the fine films listed above, but we here at The Maddow Blog Film Club would like to provide you with a few alternatives. read more

Ron Paul for and against Ronald Reagan

12/23/11 03:27PM

Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) has been billing himself as "the one who stood with Reagan" because he endorsed candidate Ronald Reagan in the 1980 presidential race.Mr. Paul has also described himself as frustrated and disappointed with the results of the president he endorsed. read more

The art of the interview

12/23/11 01:25PM

Here's another clip from Rachel's sit-down with Slate editor Jacob Weisberg. He asks her about gay stories and how she decides whether to cover any given one. That part's good, and it's the headline.But she also talks about what she has learned from doing TV interviews and how it's a miracle that we get the show on every day -- so true. If anyone's up for making a chart of the work:improvement:exhaustion ratio, it's there for you. read more