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Thursday's Mini-Report

05/31/12 05:29PM

Today's edition of quick hits:* As you may have heard, a jury today found John Edwards not guilty on one count, and was deadlocked on the remaining five charges.* There was a congenial gathering at the White House today, where President Obama welcomed former President George W. read more

Romney sees silly WH conspiracy

Romney sees silly WH conspiracy

05/31/12 04:38PM

Before Mitt Romney took credit for obnoxious hecklers, he quietly shuttled campaign reporters to a press conference outside Solyndra's California headquarters. This apparently made activists on the right giddy -- Team Romney not only orchestrated hecklers, they also talked about a company that was one of many that benefited from federal... read more

Quote of the Day

05/31/12 03:34PM

As part of the Obama campaign's renewed focus on Mitt Romney's gubernatorial record, leading members of the president's re-election team, including David Axelrod, appeared in Boston this morning for an event. read more

Anti-abortion vote fails on House floor

05/31/12 03:01PM

House Republicans' laser-like focus on jobs and the economy took yet another detour today, with the GOP majority bringing the latest in a series of anti-abortion bills to the House floor.The House on Thursday rejected a Republican bill that would impose fines and prison terms against doctors who perform abortions for the sole purpose of... read more

Seen in Colorado: The 'guns and Bibles' candidate

Seen in Colorado: The 'guns and Bibles' candidate

05/31/12 02:30PM

Madison Ritter sends this picture of a campaign poster for Johnny Herndon, Tea Party candidate for commissioner in Fremont County, Colorado. Herndon is a seriously entertaining candidate with a love for guns and motor sports and putting his answers to questions on Youtube.(We love getting pictures, etc. -- send more, please.) read more

Boehner poised to raise student loan interest rates

Boehner poised to raise student loan interest rates

05/31/12 01:44PM

Congress has until June 30 to act on student-loan interest rates, or rates will double for over 7 million students, who'll face an average of $1,000 in additional debt. The assumption has been that policymakers would work something out before the deadline.That assumption is probably wrong. read more

Pivoting from Bain to the Bay State

05/31/12 12:36PM

In recent weeks, President Obama's re-election campaign has focused heavily on Mitt Romney's controversial private-sector background, shining a light on the mass layoffs the Republican orchestrated at his private-equity firm. read more

Thursday's campaign round-up

05/31/12 12:00PM

Today's installment of campaign-related news items that won't necessarily generate a post of their own, but may be of interest to political observers:* In Wisconsin, a Marquette Law School poll released yesterday found Gov. Scott Walker (R) leading Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (D) by 7 points, 52% to 45%. read more

Appeals Court Judge Mike Boudin.

Federal appeals court: DOMA unconstitutional

05/31/12 11:13AM

Though the matter won't be fully resolved until an inevitable Supreme Court case, for now, a federal appeals court this morning ruled that the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional.The 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston issued the ruling in a unanimous, 3-0 decision. Of particular interest is the fact that two of the appeals... read more

FBI investigates suspect GOP donations in Ohio

05/31/12 10:37AM

It wasn't too long ago when Ohio Republicans were rocked by systemic scandals, which led then-Gov. Bob Taft (R) to face criminal conviction and even sent then-Rep. Bob Ney (R) to prison.We haven't seen controversies of this magnitude since, and the stench of corruption didn't dissuade Ohio voters from giving the GOP big victories... read more

Obama with Solyndra workers in 2010.

The baseless Bain/Solyndra comparison

05/31/12 09:55AM

A couple of weeks ago, as the Obama campaign's criticism of Mitt Romney's controversial private-sector background intensified, the Republican campaign offered an underwhelming comparison. As Team Romney saw it, President Obama's rescue of the American automotive industry was comparable to Bain Capital's private equity... read more

This photo is called "Reindeer wants to join us for breakfast."

Enter the reindeer herder

05/31/12 09:35AM

Last night on the show, Rachel asked whether Michigan Republicans were ready to send a reindeer herder from their state's wealthy 11th Congressional District to Washington. The reindeer man would be Kerry Bentivolio, right, the lone Republican who managed to get his name on the primary ballot. Incumbent Thaddeus McCotter (not pictured)... read more

An image from Fox News' anti-Obama attack ad.

When Fox drops the pretense

05/31/12 09:15AM

Even by Fox News standards, yesterday's edition of "Fox & Friends" was jaw-dropping. The show produced and aired its own four-minute attack ad targeting President Obama, brazenly shifting Fox from the role of an ostensible news organization to that of a Republican super PAC.The Baltimore Sun's David Zurawik said Fox&... read more

Jobless claims increase, reach five-week high

Jobless claims increase, reach five-week high

05/31/12 08:37AM

After a month-long respite, initial unemployment claims are again moving in the wrong direction. Today's report from the Department of Labor was a discouraging one.Last week's figures were revised up slightly, and the new totals unfortunately reached a five-week high, in spite of expectations to the contrary.The number of Americans who... read more

Florida voter purge to intensify

05/31/12 08:00AM

We talked on Tuesday about Florida Republicans' efforts to restricting voting in 2012, including cracking down on voter-registration drives, limiting the number of days available for early voting, and in the new push, taking away voting rights from eligible citizens while trying to purge non-citizens from the voting rolls.It's worth... read more


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