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Bearing execution's burden

Bearing execution's burden

09/22/11 08:00PM

Allen Ault, retired director of the Georgia Department of Corrections, and former warden of the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison, where he... watch

Ahead on the 9/22 Maddow show

09/22/11 07:23PM

Tonight's guests include:Chris Hayes, host of "Up with Chris Hayes", weekend mornings on msnbc and editor-at-large at The NationAllen Ault, retired director of the Georgia Department of Corrections, and former warden of the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison, where he oversaw executions for the state of Georgia. You can watch his compelling interview with Rachel and Ed Schultz from last night's special coverage of the Troy Davis case here.And here's executive producer Bill Wolff with a look at tonight's show:   read more

Tonight: A prison warden on execution

09/22/11 04:19PM

Allen Ault used to run the Georgia Diagnostic and Classifications Prison, where Troy Davis was executed yesterday. Mr. Ault joined with a half-dozen other wardens in pleading that the state not kill Mr. Davis, and that if they did, that they excuse any staffers who had doubts about his innocence.Mr. Ault joined us by phone last night in our joint special coverage at 11 p.m. He told us:When you're in the death chamber ordering an execution, and even if in your mind, if you're a man of conscience, actually believe somebody is guilty, it's still a very premeditated murder. read more

'Ground Zero mosque' opens, no one notices

09/22/11 02:30PM

 Park51 is its official name, and it's essentially a Muslim JCC. But since it's in Lower Manhattan, about four blocks away from where the World Trade center towers once stood, it quickly became known in media (and right-wing) shorthand as the "Ground Zero Mosque." (Insert loud gasp/scream of horror here.)Considering how popular it was for alarmists to use Park51 as a bogeyman, it surely must have been utter chaos downtown when it finally opened yesterday, yes?No: there were no protesters, and the center enjoyed a quiet event last night featuring an exhibition of photographs of children. read more

Chart: Stuck on the bus in America

Chart: Stuck on the bus in America

09/22/11 01:35PM

The U.S. Census Bureau just released its report on daily commuting times in America (pdf). Most of us drive alone, and most of us spend 25 minutes or less getting to work. If you live close enough to walk, you're golden. If you're taking the bus, as you can see from this chart, bring a book. It starts to explain why just 4.9 percent of us take public transportation (although approximately 99 percent of us on at TRMS do -- life in New York City). read more

Will Troy Davis kill the death penalty?

Will Troy Davis kill the death penalty?

09/22/11 12:01PM

 Our show last night was one of anticipation, as we waited for the U.S. Supreme Court to give the state of Georgia a pass to kill an inmate whose murder conviction was plagued by doubt and a remarkable lack of evidence. Early in the show, Rachel spoke to Slate senior editor Dahlia Lithwick about the case.Prior to her appearance, Ms. Lithwick reflected on what Troy Davis means for the future of capital punishment:Whatever else it may come to mean, the execution of Troy Davis by the state of Georgia can stand for the proposition that the death penalty in America is finally dying. read more

Huntsman hits 10 percent in New Hampshire!

Huntsman hits 10 percent in New Hampshire!

09/22/11 10:39AM

Any way you look at it, 10 percent is 10 times better than 1 percent (not to mention negative one).A Suffolk University poll out today has Jon Huntsman breaking into double digits among likely GOP voters in New Hampshire -- as campaign manager Matt David writes, the poll shows "Jon leapfrogging to third place in the critical and first-in-the-nation primary state – garnering 10 percent of the vote, which more than doubles his support from a few months ago."  read more

A sketch from the 2010 evidentiary hearing. Click for more.

What the Troy Davis witnesses said

09/22/11 10:15AM

Some of you've been asking about the seven witnesses who recanted their original testimony in the Troy Davis case -- you want to know what, exactly, they recanted. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution offered a summary of five of them who spoke at his 2010 evidentiary hearing. For example:Darrell “D.D.” CollinsTrial: He testified that he had told police he had seen Davis shoot at a car at a pool party on the evening before Officer Mark Allen MacPhail was shot and killed. read more